Implementation period April 2017
July 2017
Project: Capacity building for creating a personal career plan in order to secure a better future and social status of young people at social risk

Target group:

Young people aged 15-20 years who are at social risk.

Target area:

All municipalities in Skopje.


The project focuses on the establishment of counseling and career center for young people at social risk. The basic idea is to provide an easier environment for personal and professional development of young people. The project aims through information, training and mentoring sessions to enable 50 young people at social risk to create clear and well-defined personal career plan in accordance with their abilities and talents, which would have received clear guidance on their future opportunity to improve their social status through personal development and engagement. The project is designed in three phases, of which the first is preliminary and includes a call for participation, selection of participants and expert project team members and the development of project materials. The second phase focuses on training and mentoring and includes conducting trainings, mentoring sessions, workshops and discussions. The third and final phase of the project concerns the practical application of knowledge, by creating their own plan for personal and professional development and the correct orientation of each of the participants to a specific activity (university, high school, self-employment or work.).

Expected results and indicators to measure and means of verification

1. 25 young people will get the right path in life
2. 30 young people will get a good career personal level
3. 30 young people will get well created CV
4. 5 young people will get a well designed business plan
5. 5 young people will choose and enroll in faculty
6. 5 young people will enroll in vocational high school
7. 5 young people are directed to craft

Донатор | Град Скопје