Equal opportunities for Roma women to participate in the labor market
This project is financed by the European Union

By giving a hand to those in need in a moment ever cherished, the Equal Opportunities Project gives variety of information about place, time and steps how to change for better future;


General Objective is:

Self-empowering of Roma women for gender equity and gender opportunity to change stereotype access in labour market, and to improve female integration at the labour market through organizing tailored informative and vocational workshops and trainings.

Target group are:

  • 100 unemployed Roma women from Skopje at workable status at age from year 20–55.
  • 45 women are direct users/participants in training events.
  • 30 men who support their spouses shall receive opportunity information at info campaign

Expected Results are:

  • 4 months of informative campaign
  • 6 months of various training 20 unemployed Roma Women able to search job with good CV, interview and self-presentation
  • 10 unemployed Roma women know to develop a business, while 1 is developed with our help
  • 5 unemployed women have any artisan job.
  • 5 business ideas helped with equipment to start own business in Centre for Training in the Project 6 months of Daily Care Centre for 30 children to learn
  • 5 students in pedagogy / sociology work internship 10 volunteers helping the project 1 mini fair to promote small business and skills

Communities of our interest

  • Shuto Orizari
  • Topansko Pole
  • Chair
  • Madzari
  • Gjorche Petrov

Duration time

December 2015 - June 2017

Finished tasks:

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